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Culturesque’s LaunchPad’s are designed to help companies start, evolve and accelerate their transformation.

For many companies, the question is how and where to start. Our LaunchPad’s help you answer that question by assisting leadership teams understand the journey, create organizational capacity, and develop the strategy and plan for change.


Strategy Essentials


The workshop aims to position the organization for success in implementing its strategy.  We start by ensuring alignment through a future state visioning workshop, assesses current stakeholder commitment and strategies to move stakeholders towards commitment, and address the operational and behavioural aspects of strategy execution that need to be present for success.

The Agile Organization


The Agile LaunchPad assists companies to better adapt and take advantage of market volatility and change. The LaunchPad identifies the attributes and qualities that need to be present in an agile company, outlines the role of leaders at different levels of the company in supporting agility, explores current barriers to agility within your company, and identifies opportunities to move the company towards a more agile operating culture.



The Innovation LaunchPad  is ideally suited to companies looking to develop or accelerate their innovation capacity and culture. Following Culturesque's 5- stage innovation framework, we look to build awareness, readiness and capacity, link opportunity to strategy through innovation themes, explore approaches to developing a creative corporate mindset, identify the various channels to enablement, and importantly how to realize value from your innovation investment.

Innovation (For Boards)


Designed specifically for Boards, the LaunchPad focusses on providing Directors an understanding of corporate innovation, and the role that innovation plays in supporting growth and sustainability in successful companies. We explain why innovation is core to shareholder value, cover the various internal and external innovation channels available to companies, and explore the role that boards can play in championing the innovation culture within their company.

Cultural Transformation


Developing a company culture that will drive your company’s strategy is more important than ever. It’s not just about shaping and influencing mindsets but also establishing the behaviors that are going to help your company win. Our Cultural Transformation process follows a simple scalable methodology that helps guide individuals, leaders and companies to become more explicit and deliberate about specific behavior change; behavioral change that will link to corporate strategy and set the foundation for the company of the future. Our methodology narrows the focus and helps people learn and apply the few simple but powerful behaviors that create a high trust, highly engaged and sustainable culture.


Strategic Partnering for HR


How can Human Resources better support your organizations strategic success and its transformation into the company of tomorrow? We explore how behavioural strategy can contribute to the success of your organizations strategy execution, build strategic commitment across stakeholders using our Journey to Commitment process, and review methods and frameworks to develop greater organizational agility and innovation.