Does your organization fully capitalize on opportunities for growth? What is the cost of these missed opportunities to your business? Are you internally aligned and coordinated on your growth strategies? Do you have the process and capacity to bring great ideas to market in a timely manner?

In today’s busy and rapidly changing world, we need to be spending more time focusing on the future when in reality we have less time available in our busy schedules. Not properly investing the time and energy in future growth not only puts your organization at a competitive disadvantage, it places it at risk longer term.

The Growthpreneur provides organizations a solution to this challenge. Working alongside and in support of your leadership team, Growthpreneurs leverage their experience and expertise to partner in building your growth engine. Having the benefit of an outside perspective, they are in the ideal position to contribute new ideas and perspectives and identify and recommend opportunities that may not be as obvious internally due to our familiarity or comfort with the status quo. Even modest improvements in growth can translate to a significant dollar value to the firm and your shareholders.

For most organizations, the growth potential is already residing within your organization. The Growthpreneur is the catalyst to bring out and uncover this potential and to help you realize the untapped value within.



Does your existing strategy reflect your full company potential?



Does your organization have the roadmap and commitment to deliver?



What is the next big idea to transform your company or industry?



How do you quickly pivot and adapt to take advantage of opportunities?



How do you develop the growth culture, mindset, and confidence to succeed?



93% of EXECUTIVES would like to spend more of their time focusing on future growth but are limited by near term commitments. Culturesque’s Growthpreneurs help bridge that gap by providing your organization the growth focus and capacity to keep you out ahead of your competitors





a person who assists organizations generate and scale opportunities
for growth, realizing and unleashing significant value for the organization




What is the difference between a Growthpreneur and Entrepreneur?

The typical Entrepreneur is proficient in bringing new ideas to life, whether it is in the form of a new business, product, or service. These activities generally relate to the start-up and early stage phase of the lifecycle. A Growthpreneur is an extension in that in addition to these start-up capabilities, they contribute expertise in scaling and growing these ideas, generally in larger organizations where a more evolved approach to growth is required reflecting the greater organization complexity.

How would a Growthpreneur help my organization?

Not maximizing your growth potential represents a significant opportunity cost for organizations and your shareholders. There are generally three main causes holding companies back from reaching their growth potential: 1) a lack of formal time to focus on growth; 2) the absence of an institutional approach to identifying and developing growth opportunities; and 3) an organizational comfort with the status quo. The Growthpreneur understands how to help organizations push through these the barriers to open your eyes to these opportunities, to build confidence in your ability to achieve these goals, and to work with you in developing the path and the capacity to deliver.

How do our Growthpreneurs engage with our clients?

Our Growthpreneur model starts with working alongside the senior leadership in building and designing the growth strategy and platform. Once established, the focus of the Growthpreneur evolves from building to optimizing growth performance, ongoing mentoring and coaching around innovation and growth, helping support high impact growth opportunities, and continuing to build the critical growth culture and mindsets found in high performing companies. As we transition out the organization, we like to think that we have developed the next generation of Growthpreneurs within your organization to help drive the next phase in your growth journey.

What processes and tools do our Growthpreneurs use?

Culturesque's Growthpreneurs have the benefit of Culturesque’s proprietary and proven growth-focused frameworks and processes. Each company is unique and if needed we adapt or refine the process to accommodate your specific circumstances. By having these existing resources available to our Growthpreneurs, we are able to deliver value to your organization much earlier in the engagement process and over the long run achieve greater success in moving your organization forward.

What is the typical profile of our Growthpreneurs?

The Growthpreneur is multi-dimensional. Our Growthpreneurs generally come from a successful entrepreneurial background in high growth environments, but also have the proven experience in leading growth and delivering transformation as executives in large complex organizations. They are powerful communicators and vision builders, who can engage and align people and organizations in the pursuit of meaningful and sustainable growth.

What industries do our Growthpreneurs work with?

Our approach to maximizing growth is industry agnostic and applies across industry and business models. The way we look at it, the ideas and potential are already within your organization - you are the experts. Our Growthpreneurs are here to help you unlock and realize that potential.

How do Growthpreneurs help drive innovation in your organization?

Our Growthpreneurs utilize Culturesque’s 5-stage innovation framework, ideally suited to companies looking to develop or accelerate their innovation capacity and culture. The framework helps build organizational awareness, readiness and capacity, links opportunity to strategy through innovation themes, explores approaches to developing a creative corporate mindset, identifies the best channels to enablement of ideas, and most importantly realization of value from your innovation.