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How To Develop The Right Mindset To Become A Growth Leader

The growth mindset is gaining traction in the business world as companies employ the growth mindset to help transform their performance and cultures. The reality for organizations today is that simply managing the organization is no longer sustainable. Without this continuous growth focus and mindset, companies will rapidly see their competitiveness and relevance quickly wain, which ultimately puts the future of the organization in jeopardy.

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What Does It Take To Be An Agile Leader?

Agile leaders are more than just change agents, they have the awareness to recognize the opportunity and need for change, and the confidence and self-belief to step forward and lead the process. In doing so, they promote the vision, build stakeholder engagement and support, and mobilize the organization in moving forward. 

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How Agile Leaders Address Uncertainty

Why does uncertainty paralyze some organizations while others find ways to navigate uncertainty and continue to move forward? What sets the latter apart is their ability to fill in the voids with calculated assumptions, being open and transparent about the unknown, and being prepared to rapidly adjust should these assumptions not prove correct. 

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Five Ways Leaders Can Become Awesome Communicators

One of the traits the majority of successful leaders share is the ability to communicate effectively — a skill most companies value as a non-negotiable leadership requirement. Why then, do so many leaders struggle with it? Communicating successfully in companies can be a tricky thing. Very few people have the natural gift of communicating successfully and most have to work at it. It takes consistency, practice and self-reflection. If you are one of the many leaders who would like to improve their communication, here are five things successful leaders practice to help them hone, craft and become awesome communicators.

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