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At Culturesque, we help make the transition between who you are today and the company you want to be tomorrow. Leveraging our leading proprietary frameworks and processes, we help organizations achieve their vision through helping build the capacity for change and providing the tools, coaching, advice and encouragement to realize your potential and to keep you on the path to success.

Our practice areas reflect the qualities and capabilities present in high performing growth organizations. We understand that each of these areas are interdependent and are reliant on each other, and in building within and across these core areas we help organizations become much stronger, more resilient, capable of reacting to change, and ready to take full advantage of opportunities.

For some of our clients, building the high performing growth organization can be as simple as connecting these pieces. For others, it requires filling in the gaps necessary to building the foundation and framework for your success. 



Do you inspire and engage the organization in delivering on the vision?



Does your existing strategy reflect your full company potential?

Agile Strategy & Planning


Does your organization have the roadmap and commitment to deliver?



What is the next big idea or technology to transform your company or industry?



How do you quickly pivot and adapt to take advantage of opportunities?

Cultural Transformation


How do you develop the growth culture, mindset, and confidence to succeed?



Have you ever wondered whatever happened to the strategy that your organization spent a lot of time developing only a year or two back? Unfortunately, it’s quite common for strategies to lose energy and relevance very quickly. Rolled out with great fanfare, they are soon confined to collecting dust on the shelf.

Why do these strategies fail so quickly?

  1. The strategy was not implementable and communicable. Great strategies must have clarity, be easily interpreted, and translate into action.

  2. It wasn’t developed in a form that could easily evolve. When this occurs, at the first sign of change the strategy is pushed aside and consigned to a slow death.  

  3. It didn’t develop an emotional connection to the organization and its employees, resulting in low energy, poor commitment and lack of follow through.

Culturesque’s pioneering behavioural strategy approach solves these challenges for organizations by building a strategic story and delivery model that addresses and facilitates each of these critical areas. We focus on either developing or taking your existing strategy and transforming this in a way that will resonate, engage, and enable managers to affect its purpose across the organization.

When properly done, you will find that there is greater follow through and accountability, greater resilience and longevity, and greater flexibility in responding to change and opportunity.

A great strategy lives, breathes and grows with the organization

Is Your Team Strategically Aligned? The One Question You Need to Ask

Why do some strategies and plans start to unravel so soon after they are rolled out? While great thought and effort has gone into building your strategy in powerpoint and spreadsheets, it's only when you involve the human dynamic do you soon realize just how well aligned and committed (or not) your team really is.

Where Are Your Stakeholders On Their Journey To Strategic Commitment?

The success of your strategy is reliant on the support and commitment of your various stakeholders. While committed stakeholders help advance your agenda, adversarial stakeholders can undermine and sabotage your strategy execution. Building stakeholder support is a critical and often overlooked step in the strategic process.

Can You Respond to Change? How To Build Agility Into Your Strategy Process

It can take less than 18 months before companies start seeing evidence of significant divergence from the corporate strategy, driven from changes and pressures from both external and internal factors. Traditional approaches to strategic planning fail to keep up with the rate of change, meaning that many plans rapidly become obsolete and lose relevance.  



The rapid pace of change and volatility is the new norm in today’s business environment. For companies that can react and adapt quickly, it presents them with opportunities and a competitive advantage in the market.

Agile companies create and drive the ownership mindset. They create a communicative environment with transparency of direction and accountabilities, but with empowerment for leaders to succeed and deliver. They establish rhythm, agility and speed on decision making throughout the organization by using simple tools that cascade the story throughout all layers of the organization and help leaders navigate how best they can deliver value and outcomes for the organization.

As companies grow and mature however, agility, speed, innovation and their ability to adapt has a natural tendency to diminish. Culturesque’s agile approach assists in transforming your organization into a dynamic and agile enterprise by focussing on three core areas:

The ability to quickly react and adapt creates real advantage

Agile Strategy: is your strategy and planning approach capable of adapting rapidly to changes in your environment? Is there a process to ensure currency and clarity of strategy and goals throughout all levels of the organization?

Agile Leadership: do your leaders have awareness of the internal and external environment, can they readily adapt as needed, articulate to their team how their functions support the corporate strategy, and develop and engage their teams around a roadmap for delivery?

Agile Culture: do you support and reward the right behaviours and outcomes? Do you have a culture in which leaders and employees feel safe, empowered and supported to pursue the organization goals?


From Average To Agile: How Companies Can Transform Their Business

Creating an agile business is more than talk, it requires creating the environment in which transformation can occur and where employees have license and support. For this environment to be present, agility needs to be core to strategy, leadership and culture.  

What Does It Take To Be An Agile Leader?

Agile leaders are more than just change agents, they have the awareness to recognize the opportunity and need for change, and the confidence and self-belief to step forward and lead the process. In doing so, they promote the vision, build stakeholder engagement and support, and mobilize the organization in moving forward. 

How Agile Leaders Address Uncertainty

Why does uncertainty paralyze some organizations while others find ways to navigate uncertainty and continue to move forward? What sets the latter apart is their ability to fill in the voids with calculated assumptions, being open and transparent about the unknown, and being prepared to rapidly adjust should these assumptions not prove correct. 



For companies to become and remain leaders in their field, innovation needs to be central to their strategy. While many companies pursue innovation, very few can say they truly succeed.  The greatest challenge to the success of innovation programs is the differences in mindsets and mental models; as well as expectations around the approach and outcomes. This creates tensions and friction between different stakeholders in the innovation process. 

As a workaround, companies have been looking to pursue innovation through other avenues, such as incubators, partnering with startups, and even direct investment in early stage innovators. While complimentary to the innovation process, they don’t necessarily address the opportunity in the core business where some of the greatest opportunity for change lies. 

Culturesque’s 5-stage Innovation Framework is a method and toolset to help companies develop clarity and align all tiers of the organization behind a common innovation process and strategy. No two companies are the same, and the same applies to innovation. What works in one organization won’t necessarily translate to another, each organization needs to develop its own culture and approach.

The Innovation Framework provides a structure through which organizations can build that alignment and understanding, improving the effectiveness of their innovation initiatives. It will also help identify the areas of focus and opportunity, the appropriate innovation path for the company, define the innovation culture and help engage employees as participants in the innovation process.

of companies believe innovation is important to driving growth.
of organizations have no innovation framework in place
- EY Innovation Survey

How Culturesque's 5-Stage Framework Builds Enterprise Capability For Innovation

Corporate innovation isn't a set of ad-hoc ideas and projects. Using Culturesque's 5-stage innovation framework, we provide the tools and process to build a truly corporate innovation culture and capacity, from readiness through to realization. 

How To Win Executive Support For Your Next Big Innovation Idea

What does it take to get executives onboard with your big innovation idea? Learn what executives really are looking for from innovation and how best to pitch your idea to maximise your chances of getting the project approved. 

Don't Go It Alone; Why Companies Are Broadening Their Innovation Channels

How do you increase your innovation ability? Companies are now realizing that by broadening innovation channels, they can broaden their thinking, accelerate their innovation, and improve the chances of success.



Organizations pay considerable attention to the strategy and finances of their organizations but often less attention to organizational culture which directly impacts the outcome or success of the strategy. Organizational culture generally evolves along with business strategy, and they become mutually reinforcing. The problem comes when the organization decides to implement a new strategy or change of direction that requires changes to the way people think, behave and act at work. When strategy and culture collide, culture will win. 

We see organizations adapting and adjusting business plans and strategies to react to today’s volatile business climate, but without the same vigor on organizational culture. The continued existence of older beliefs, behavior patterns and mindsets can seriously weaken the ability to implement the desired new direction. What may have worked in the past may not in the future. 

Transforming a culture to align with and ensure success of an organization’s strategy can seem like an overwhelming daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. 

Culturesque’s Cultural Transformation approach helps organizations at both the employee and organizational level unite behind a shared vision, provides a clear path for transformation, and progresses organizational capacity and culture so that it can align and continually evolve in support of the business strategy.

Our Cultural Transformation Framework is more than just a model or process to follow. It brings together your strategy and culture to build an organization that is truly capable of delivering on your vision for the future.  Your organization has invested in a strategic plan, but does it also have the right culture to support it? 



At Culturesque, we help you break out the mould that has been holding you back and chart a new path to growth and success. As a partner to leading companies across North America, we help organizations realize their vision through helping build the capacity for change and providing the tools, coaching, advice and encouragement to realize your potential and to keep you on the path to success.

Culturesque’s difference is that our approach builds around the pillars of Strategy, Culture and Capacity, and ensures each of these critical areas are addressed and aligned throughout the process. We fuse business and behavioral best practices to develop approaches to business that are not only stronger, but more likely to succeed by engaging the organization in the process.

Implementing a vision and strategy can be difficult at the best of times, add a rapidly evolving or uncertain environment and it can be particularly daunting. At Culturesque, we’ve been through that journey many times and understand the challenges. That’s where our approach is more than just advice, it’s a process designed to get you on track quickly and to provide a roadmap for the future. Think of it as an opportunity. We do!



Culturesque’s consultants have deep experience working at the Board, Executive and Senior Management levels supporting strategic and cultural change across a wide variety of industry sectors and international markets.  

Strategy and Execution; Leadership; Innovation; Cultural Transformation; Organizational Agility; Organizational Design; Pre-merger planning/Post-merger integration.

Agriculture, Energy, Engineering, Financial Services, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Private Equity, Professional Services, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications. 

The Culturesque Team

Culturesque has built a unique team of consultants that are passionate about helping companies transform their organizations. Unafraid to turn traditional thinking on its head, they have consistently created practices that empower organizations, leaders and employees to work together to generate the best results possible. 

With Executive backgrounds across a diverse number of industries, cultures, and some highly competitive and fast-paced markets, they bring a unique perspective on what works, and how best to help companies move forward.

Outcomes focussed, they can navigate opportunities and challenges by bringing the lens of “what drives and motivates people" to the conversation, helping to influence positive change not only in good times but challenging times as well with a steer towards creating environments where companies and employees collaborate, innovate and thrive.




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